Our Products

Our Products (Parchments made with goat, sheep and calf skins) may be classified as:

Natural Parchments

White, beige, aged, rustic, featuring a wide variety of uses.

pergaminho-natural Painel Pergamino Natural Revestimento Pergaminho Rútico cuba-abajur cuba-abajur-pergaminho moveis-pergaminho moveis-revestidos-de-pergaminho

Dyed Parchments (Colored)

Usually used in Architecture and Interior Design.

pergaminhos-tingidos-sample pergaminhos-tingidos moveis-design-interioraplicacao-deign-interiores

The Alum Tanned (goatskin especially)

Highly recommended on the binding of books of great historical value, for its strength over the years. Besides being one of the oldest tanned known.The Brazil Parchment offers parchments in whole or cut skin. With varying thickness of 0.2/0.3 mm to 0.7/0.8 mm, again according to the needs and orientations of the customer.
Although it is offered a limited number of colors, the parchments can also be dyed as the customer wishes.

encadernacao-livros Encadernacao livros com pergaminho diplomas-pergaminho

The samplebook can be requested at no additional cost.