Brazil Parchment in the Le Cuir a Paris 2009 Press Release


It was announced in September 2009, in a press release of Le Cuir a Paris, the participation of Brazil Parchment in Winter 2009 edition in one of the largest trade skins and leather of Europe, Le Cuir a Paris, which receives more than 50,000 visitors, mostly professionals and companies in the fashion and interior design industry. The fair is held twice a year and fosters market and the culture of  leather. Below is the quote that mentions Exotica Pergaminho at the event:

The first-time exhibitor Brazil Parchment from Brazil is specialized in parchments and its clients are normally issued from the interior decoration sector. However, LE CUIR A PARIS enabled them to explore different tracks for development. ” We made contacts with many stylists looking for novelties and who see in parchment, normally used in furnishing, a subtle way of adding originality to accessories. We now need to test new techniques and deepen our research”, explains Mr José

Check the original file of the press release of Le Cuir a Paris 2009.

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